Our Story

RemieDog was formally started (and continues today) in the corner of a one bedroom NYC apartment by Paul and Tiffanie, though the projects we're working on stem from 2 years of side projects for our Aussiedoodle Remie. We've decided to bring our best ideas to the masses and created RemieDog with the goal of creating clever and elegant dog products that we couldn't find anywhere else.

Our co-founder Paul is a hardware engineer with 12 years of experience engineering products. From nuclear submarines to mass market consumer products, Paul's brought countless products to market both as a full-time employee as well as through the consulting company he founded, Vizeng.

Armed with 60 square feet of "office" space (in their apartment), a laptop, some engineering software, and a 3D printer, RemieDog designs and prototypes every single piece of our products before sending it off to our partner factories in China for full production. To get a sense for that process, check out our story below: