RemieDog Donation Program

 Partner Website Donation Date Donation Amount Donation % of Monthly Profit
Lionel's Legacy Donate Here Jan 31, 2024 $50 >100%
Help for Homeless Pets Donate Here Feb 22, 2024 $50 >100%
Hope Animal Rescue of Iowa Donate Here Mar 27, 2024 $50 >100%
Posh Pets Rescue Donate Here April 26, 2024 $50 >100%


RemieDog has launched our donation program as of January 2024 with Lionel's Legacy as our first partner! Details of our program are below:

  • Every month we donate a portion of our profits to one selected partner
  • Every month we highlight the selected partner on our social pages to draw awareness for their business
  • Depending on enrollment size we may cycle through different partners each month, or repeat for multiple months
  • For full transparency we list every donation we make on this page 

If you or anyone you know is interested in this program, apply at the bottom of the page and write in the comment that you are looking to participate!

Here is a small list of what we are looking to do with our partners:

  • Donate returned, but functional products
  • Donate products that do not pass Quality Control, but nonetheless work
  • Donate a fixed monetary portion of our profits

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